Natural Vitamins to Control Aging including Dementia

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The original purpose of this website was to suggest natural vitamins, minerals and herbs which could slow, stop, or reverse aging effects. Life is all about choices. If you choose to allow natural aging, your joints will develop arthritis, your arteries will clog , your eyes will develop cataracts, your digestive system will require more antacids, your memory will start to fade, and your sex life will disappear.

This is good news for the doctors, surgeons, and pharmaceutical companies who are more than willing to prescribe their drugs with all of their side effects to solve your aging problems.


When I first published this website in 2010, Alzheimer’s disease was not at the top of my priority list. Things change. I did not realize it at the time, but my wife was well into the throes of Alzheimer’s disease. She passed on June 11, 2013 from a fall which resulted in a head injury. At the time she was not capable of standing, but refused to accept that fact. The last few years of her life are documented in a Kindle book entitled “General Anesthesia during surgery may initiate Alzheimer’s” At the time of my wife’s totally unnecessary hysterectomy in 1998, doctors in general did not recognize that general anesthetic could initiate latent Alzheimer’s disease. The referenced Kindle book documents the change in attitude of the medical profession. For five years prior to her death, I accepted the diagnosis that my wife had Alzheimer’s disease, and I was doomed to witness her unstoppable physical degradation. By a fortuitous series of events described in my Kindle book, "Dementia caused by Type 3 Diabetes can be Controlled with Vitamin B1 (Benfotiamine)". I hoped that she did not have the Alzheimer’s form of dementia, but something quite different called Korsakoff's syndrome caused by a shortage of vitamin B1 required for the glucose/insulin system to function in the brain.

A study published at the time has shown that all insulin is not made in the pancreas; the brain creates its own supply. However, the problem in the brain may be similar to Type 2 diabetes in the rest of the body, where either not enough insulin is created, or the cells become insulin resistant. Recent studies have referred to Alzheimer’s disease as Type 3 diabetes. Quite by coincidence I was using Benfotiamine to treat my case of shingles. Benfotiamine is a derivative of vitamin B1 which is fat soluble so it can cross the blood-brain barrier. It was developed in Japan specifically to treat Korsakoff's syndrome and patented in the United States in 1962, but never became popular. It has been in use as a widely used prescription drug in Europe since 1978 to treat diabetes and is available at many vitamin shops in the United States. In my wife’s case, Benfotiamine temporarily reversed most symptoms. I only have one sample, my wife, and I am finding that the supplement must be used at least four times a day. I have no data on how long it stays in the body. In my Kindle book, I list and discuss several other nutritional supplements which research has suggested may possibly relieve some of the dementia symptoms.

If the cause for your loved one’s dementia is Alzheimer’s, I would encourage you to read Doctor Mary T. Newton’s book entitled "Alzheimer’s, what if there was a cure and no one knew, the story of ketones". The book is well written and well documented. Doctor Newton’s husband had severe Alzheimer’s. Being a doctor she exhausted all of the conventional treatments, and ended up using coconut oil to treat her husband who is in his third year of recovery. I used coconut oil for my wife and found that it did have a short lived effect. The dosage was four tablespoons a day in divided dosages throughout the day The purpose of my Kindle book was to encourage caregivers not to accept the premise that all dementia is Alzheimer’s disease and cannot be reversed. Because of damage to the brain, a complete reversal may not be possible, but most caregivers would willingly accept a partial reversal of symptoms. There is a major effort going on in university and government laboratories all over the world using existing readily available vitamins and nutritional supplements to arrest the progress of the disease. Since my wife’s passing, I am a member of three Alzheimer’s caregiver support groups, and keep up on the latest developments for treatment of Alzheimer’s. Unfortunately there is very little good news. I did find a very interesting study using cannabis which seemed to reverse the disease in a very advanced case of dementia. The study is documented in the Kindle book, “Alzheimer’s, Mom, and Cannabis.” The author was very skilled in the processing of cannabis and ended up using a very strong extract.

Other Aging Problems

The good news for you is you do not have to sit idly by and watch your body age. You can do something about it. I am 77 years old and have chosen to be proactive, and do something about it. In addition to a moderate exercise program, and an intelligent diet, I set up a program of nutritional supplements to suit my specific needs. Being a male over 50, one of my specific needs is a selection of supplements to maintain prostate health . In addition, I take over 50 different supplements on a daily basis as listed in the Vitamin Table. Fortunately, years ago I found an MD who was interested in vitamins and guided my choices. Each person has different nutritional needs, and your needs may be satisfied by a simple liquid multivitamin, or other supplements to address different health concerns. To help you get the right information about vitamin foods to keep you healthy and sane, visit high vitamin foods. A tasty, simple, and efficient way to get more natural vitamins into your anti aging diet is through Healthy Juices and Smoothies. Follow the link for recipes and information.

Life Extension Highest Quality Vitamins

If you are a female over 50, I would recommend some other websites which contain a wealth of information on menopause. Please log on to Candice's website for more information on menopause or check out the section on herbal remedies for menopause at the Hot Flash Era website.

Dietitians and nutritionists would have you believe that nutritional supplements are not necessary and that five helpings of fruits and vegetables a day will satisfy all of your body’s nutritional needs. Maybe that was true 70 years ago when I was growing up on a farm in North Dakota. We grew all of our own food in a mineral rich soil without help from herbicides, pesticides, and animal antibiotics. Our life style has come a long way since 1940. Today the food supply has been so contaminated by greed that you are fortunate to be able to find, let alone buy, meat free of antibiotics, and grain which has not been genetically modified.

For more information on why we need vitamins read 10 Vitamin Truths by Jack Challem, the Nutrition Reporter.

Nutritionists sponsored by the government have recommended RDA(Recommended Daily Allowance) values for vitamins which in most cases are woefully inadequate. If you are interested in how the RDA numbers came to be, go to Nutrition and the RDA.

Following are some supplemental vitamins, herbs, and minerals which you might consider adding to your diet. Swanson provides supplements at a very reasonable cost. Life Extension provides quality vitamins, and an excellent magazine covering the latest advances in anti-aging.

I take 80 pills a day because I am a certifiable vitamin junkie. You could start out by selecting a multivitamin. Then I would strongly recommend doing something about that prostate problem. I have taken a couple of saw palmentto pills every day for the last 30 years. It saddens me to see news stories of prostate problems when the problem could be solved with a couple pills. Your choice, a few pills or prostate cancer. In my case I did not stop with just taking saw palmetto, referring to prostate health, there are many other herbs which I am taking for the prostate. I figured it was kind of important.

While on the subject of the prostate, there is such a thing as andropause, the male equivalent of the female menopause. I started getting morning and evening hot flashes and night sweats eight years ago. I took a blood test to convince my MD that a transdermal testosterone prescription was indicated. And I hope you are not suffering from erectile dysfunction. Contrary to the TV ads, the little purple pill is not always effective, and the ED condition may be indicating other health problems. I find that L-arginine taken about thirty minutes before solves minor problems.

If you are concerned about cholesterol, search "Cholesterol Myth" on the internet. If you still have concerns, I have been taking no-flush niacin for 30 years as a preventative. It is more effecive than the statin drugs and has no side effects. My cholesterol level has been between 200 and 235 for the last 30 years, and is no cause for concern as far as I am concerned.

While on the subject of cholesterol and the heart, there is a silkworm enzyme by the funny name of serrapeptase which does a marvelous job of keeping the arteries clear. I found it after my son had a mild stroke ten years ago. I figured if it’s good for him, it ought to work for me. There is also a thing called Co Q10 which helps out the heart, and resveratrol which is the latest wonder herb which does all sorts of good thing described in the side bar.

My eyes are important to me and I have been taking a rather expensive mixture of herbs containing lutein and zeaxanthin for quite a few years to prevent cataracts and macular degeneration.

If you have concerns about digestion, arthritis, and other problems I would refer you to the Vitamin Table which lists all of the 50 supplements which I have been taking for over forty years. From there you can transfer to any of the other supplements which sound like they may be of some use to you.

Under My Proactive Philosopy you will find information on the suppliers I currently rely on to provide quality supplements.

Don't Forget the Pets

Pets need vitamins too. The above link takes you to a most interesting website providing information on the benefits of liquid vitamins and on diseases and nutrient requirements for pets.

From Australia comes "Take Control of your Health"

In my travels around the internet looking for antiaging information, I came across a 356 page book written by Elaine Hollingsworth, the director of the Hippocrates Health Centre of Australia. Elaine was born in Missouri, moved to Hollywood, and had a very successful career in the 1950's in movies and TV using the professional name Sara Shane. Doctors Are Dangerous

This remarkable book reveals damning evidence of what corporations and governments do in order to maintain huge profits, regardless of their often-catastrophic effects on the health of those they claim to serve. But there is more to this book than attacks on big business and the medical and health industries. Throughout its pages you will discover well-researched and proven alternatives to expensive medication and surgical procedures, as well as learning about commonly held “beliefs” and even maladies that are nothing more than the inventions of marketing experts to help sell more products.


I am not an MD and, of course, would recommend that before you take any of these supplements that you consult your doctor. I am just a consumer who has personal experience with some vitamins which are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. I am simply taking them in the hope they will improve my general health. swansonantiagin

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