Male Hormones

The only two male hormones I take are thyroid and testosterone (both natural products). Both require blood tests to establish the need for the prescription. There are some physicians who require a blood test every year for thyroid. My particular physician has a philosophy of taking enough external thyroid by mouth so the internal thyroid gland is not required to make up any shortage. I use Armour thyroid which is a natural product rather than the synthetic product.

My requirement for testosterone became apparent when I started having hot flashes in the evening and the morning. My general practitioner was unfamiliar with andropause so I had to talk him into giving me a blood test. If you can find a knowledgeable doctor who understands andropause, a blood test to balance out the levels is a good idea.

A word on transdermal testosterone cost - the initial prescription I had was a very expensive gel. After talking to a few female friends, I went to a compounding pharmacy and managed to get the price down to $135 a month for a transdermal creme. After that lab managed to contaminate one of my prescriptions, I went to a standard pharmacy who was willing to compound it. Long story short, my latest price is $68 a month. I believe a lab in Phoenix probably could get that down to $45 a month. Message - shop around.

Female Hormones

A much more complicated subject which I, as a male, can only be an observer and a student. Although I have many friends who have gone through menopause, I was delighted to find another website which I believe offers a wealth of information. Please log into Candice's website for more information on menopause.


Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) is a naturally occurring product produced by the adrenal gland, and is necessary to create estrogen and testosterone. DHEA levels reach a peak between the ages of 20 -25 years and then begin to fall naturally. The most common use for DHEA supplements is anti-aging, muscle building and mood support.

If you are thinking that DHEA may benefit you, a blood test would be in order to determine if, indeed, your DHEA level is low.

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