Selection of multivitamins

Question: How do I select a multivitamin?

There are many multivitamins out there. Why not just take one pill to satisfy my nutrition requirements? One reason for my consuming so many pills is that I tend to keep things simple – one pill – one vitamin. That way I can control the dosage and know exactly what I am taking. Many of the products for sale tend to combine many different ingredients into one pill. There are several downsides to that practice:

1. Either they end up with several smaller pills and have defeated their purpose, or they end up with several very large pills.

2. Including many ingredients in one pill raises the possibility that you may experience an allergic reaction, or negative effect from one of the many ingredients (and you don’t know which one) with the result that you have to throw out the whole bottle and start over.

3. Even though many ingredients may be listed on the label, the quantity may be so small that it will not be sufficient to have the desired effect giving you a false sense of security.

4. Many of the sellers frequently change the ingredients either because they find a cheaper supplier, or they are trying to keep up with the latest vitamin fad. I have had the experience of relying on a supplier product to cure a problem for years, and all of a sudden experienced a negative reaction, which I traced it to the supplier’s changing the mix in the product.

5. Many suppliers provide a “proprietary mix” of herbs either specifying or not what is generally in the mix and leaving you in the dark as to what actually you are consuming. “Trust me”.


Keeping in mind the limitations that I have mentioned, there are several reasonable multivitamins available. Reading the label, if there is not 1000 mg or 1 gram of vitamin C in the mix, I read no further and look at another product. If you are looking for a solution for a specific problem and reading through this website indicates a possible supplement solution, research it further on the web, and order from one of the reputable suppliers listed in the Proactive Philosophy sidebar to give it a try. Start slowly looking for effects - good and bad.

alt textTo avoid taking a lot of pills, several friends have started using a liquid product Alive Liquid Vitamin - 30 oz Reading the label, it seems to be a good product, and one capful in the morning is an easy solution to a multivitamin.

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