Mycoplasma and Rheumatoid Arthritis

The Cough

In November 2009, my wife contracted a cough which just would not go away. We visited our current MD who prescribed the current popular antibiotic Zithromax. My wife did the prescribed dosage for ten days and the cough continued. Finally in April 2010, we had enough, the cough wasn’t going away, and we went back to the MD. Quite frankly, he had no suggestion as to a course of action.

The Solution

Fortunately, we have a backup MD who gave us an immediate diagnosis of mycoplasma pneumonia. Not a virus, not a bacteria, but a mycoplasma which turns out to be very long lasting, and not affected by the current popular antibiotics. He prescribed doxycycline which is a 50 year old version of the tetracycline family. The diagnosis was “If it has lasted ten days, it is not a virus, and if Zithromax did not cure it, it is not one of the current bacteria, so let’s assume that it is a mycoplasma and treat it with doxycycline.” It takes two ten day courses of doxycycline because it is a persistent little bug, but it is gone.

My Experience

So four weeks ago when I started getting a cold (which I never get), I started to max out on Vitamin C, 16 grams a day. The “cold” started in the lungs and went up from there ending up in my sinuses after two weeks. The mucus was white and very sticky unlike anything I had ever seen before, so I decided this was something different and went to my original MD and asked for doxycycline. He told me the only use for that was acne. I didn’t argue. I just wanted the doxycycline. Got the prescription and am now on the second dose. The “cold” is gone.

What about the arthritis?

I became aware that my rheumatoid arthritis which was really acting up during the “cold” also was also gone. When I mentioned this to backup MD, he commented that 20 years ago doxycycline was routinely used at some arthritis clinics. Not necessarily as a “cure”, but to keep the arthritis under control.

Bottom Line

If you have a persistent cough lasting over two weeks with a white sticky mucous expectorant, try doxycycline (it’s quite inexpensive). If you have severe rheumatoid arthritis, and want some relief, try doxycycline.


This is my own personal experience, and of course we are all different, so what worked for me may not work for you. Since doxycycline is only available by prescription, your MD will of course be consulted.

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