My Proactive Vitamin Philosophy

I am a great believer in Ben Franklin and being proactive:

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”

If I can take a few saw palmetto pills to be proactive and prevent prostate cancer, I would much rather do that then try to cure the cancer after it has had a chance to fully develop into something that requires intervention from the medical establishment

I also believe, paraphrasing the Frenchman Clemenceau:

“Your health is far too important to be left to doctors and the pharmaceutical industry”

Unlike the medical doctor who prescribes a drug which he personally has never taken, and has no concept of the side effects other than what the pharmaceutical lab tells him, I am 76 years old and take all 49 supplements in 80 pills as listed in the table.

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I am personally aware of the good, and any possible bad side effects of any of the supplements listed in the table. Starting with vitamin C fifty years ago, I have worked with that same psychiatrist and gradually added supplements based on an analysis of my health, blood tests, and hair analysis. In addition, for the past 50 years I have been reading and researching information on supplements that are proactive and touted to be effective in the treatment or suppression of health problems. I have read extensively, used the internet in my research, and can suggest to you what internet sites are useful, and which are merely tools of the medical establishment and pharmaceutical industry.

The most useful sites simply present you with the latest information on a given supplement. There are less useful sites whose only objective is to sell you their latest mix of supplements. I am not at all interested in their endless pages of rhetoric regarding their wonderful new proprietary mix. All I want to know is the list of ingredients and I can predict how proactive and effective their product is going to be. There are other useful sites which, once you have decided what products you wish to buy, will give you the best price on the product.

In the area of quotes, I also believe, “There is no substitute for experience”. I would like to share my 50 years of experience developing a vitamin regimen which suits me. On a daily basis I take every one of the supplements listed in the table. Some of the supplements are being taken to treat active problems such as arthritis and prostate. Others are being taken to proactively prevent problems such as glaucoma and heart issues. If there are side effects, I experience them. If the pills are effective in curing a problem, I experience that. If they seem ineffective, I delete them for monetary reasons.

Supplement Supply Sources

Given that each of us is born with a different set of genes, if you find some of this information useful, I would hope that you search the internet for more information, and purchase supplements from a reliable supplier.

Life Extension Membership

I have found Life Extension to be a valuable source of information from their monthly magazine, and a reliable source of quality products.

Dr. David Williams also puts out a valuable monthly newsletter with information you will find nowhere else. He also is a source of quality supplements. Go to Dr David Williams and save $10 on Purchase of$60 or More - Code WILLIAMSF

Iherb in California provides a substantial discount and quickly supplies supplements from other manufacturers. If you use CAM593 in the coupon box, you will receive $5.00 off on your first order.

in Fargo, North Dakota provides quality supplements using their own brand and some others at very reasonable prices.

Dr. Mercola provides a very informative email newsletter several times a week presenting the news that you never read in the mainstream media. He also has a complete line of supplements.

If you are a fan of Amazon, go to Amazon vitamins They certainly have variety. They are reliable and relatively quick. Look for price comparisons and shipping cost comparisons with other suppliers.

If you don’t like mail order, the Vitamin Shoppe and several of the natural markets are a valuable resource.

For those of you who prefer to do their own "doctoring" I recommend the following books by Andrew W. Saul.

From our friends in Austrailia comes a different viewpoint.

"Take Control of Your Health and Escape the Sickness Industry" by Elaine Hollingsworth

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