How to Be Retired and not Bored

Retired? Bored? Done all the traveling you could think off? Costing a bit more in retirement than you figured on? Could you use a little challenge? Could you use a little extra income stream? Ever entertained the idea of creating your own website?

I left the aerospace industry ten years ago, but I have not been bored. At the urging of my son we started our own independent trucking company. My son had been driving for other companies for seven years and wanted to make some of that money for himself. I did my due diligence, but was unprepared for the truck maintenance costs. The amount of regulation is enormous. Long story short, we lasted three years 24/7 and went bankrupt.

So I now have a challenge – keeping solvent. And, yes, I could use a little extra income. I wanted a business where I could work from home, and take care of my aging family. I have a good computer background, but no experience in setting up a website. I am a vitamin junkie taking 80 pills a day so I thought maybe that would provide the material for a website.

So I started looking on the internet for a site that would teach me how to set up my own website. WARNING – the amount of scams on the internet promising you loads of cash for working at home and doing very little is almost 100%. In my innocence, I started trying them and rapidly became very sorry I ever put my phone number on the web. I tried several sites which promised an instant web site. Bad experience. I finally dug out a copy of the Renegade System ebook which I had looked at years ago to get me out of vitamin multilevel marketing (MLM). By the way, that is another scam which you don’t need. As part of the Renegade System, I became aware of a website by the name of Sitesell which provides you with an introduction to a do-it-yourself webpage.

By this time I was very suspicious of anything on the internet. However, again doing my due diligence, I signed on and have been very pleasantly surprised. Yes, it can be a lot of work. No, you will not be bored. The site provides an incredible amont of documentation and videos which are very easy to follow even for a beginner. Setting up the website couldn’t be easier, and the cost spread over a year is very tolerable.

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