How to Select a Supplement

How do I know what supplements to take?

If you are looking for help with a specific problem, obviously you will search the internet for a supplement which will aid that problem. If you are looking for information on vitamins in general, I would recommend Life Extension - Health And Medical Findings Starting with a general multivitamin, you can select how many pills you want to consume in a day, and how much your budget can stand.

I read extensively, and I am on many of the daily email lists from the internet gurus who make it their business to tout any new or newsworthy items. I also receive several newsletters via regular mail. From my experience in doing this for many years, I have developed an extensive knowledge of products that are available. If I see an interesting product, I use the internet to evaluate it as best I can. After using due diligence, if the product still looks interesting, I order some to evaluate.

Before anything new goes on my daily list, I try it myself starting with a minimum dosage. I am the test case. I have a very delicate digestive system, so in checking out the effects of a new product on my body, my evaluation criteria are:

1. How does it affect my digestive system?

2. What is the effect on my brain, i.e., do I feel nauseated or spacey?

3. If taken to solve a particular problem, is it effective? Does it alleviate the symptoms as advertised?

4. What does it cost? Are there less expensive solutions?

5. Are there any other undesirable side effects?

6. If it passes the short-term criteria above, I add it to my daily list and keep alert for long-term effects.

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